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2 Peter 3:9
“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

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St Luke’s Eldercare Yishun Centre
Bring your elderly for fun-filled full-day programme comprising maintenance exercises and group activities, ranging from once a week to five days a week.
St John’s Lutheran Church
(Unley/Adelaide/South Australia)
St John’s congregation aims to provide hospitality and practical support as well as inviting students to participate in our worship and community life. Students are offered both a spiritual home and our friendship.
Lutheran Community Care Services
Counselling services and customised programmes for children and youth in schools and their families.
About LCS

In the beginning ...

... (early 1950s) ... Lutheran Missionaries from America started the work of the Lutheran Churches in Malaysia and Singapore.

As the work in Singapore grew, together with that in Malaysia, the Lutheran congregations in Singapore felt the need to be constituted as a separate independent church, so as not to be hindered by administrative encumbrances.

This separation finally took place in October 1997 when the Lutheran Church in Singapore was officially constituted.

Our Organizational Structure

Our Locations

Our Congregations

Bedok Lutheran Church

485 Bedok South Ave 2, Singapore 469315 Tel: 6449 5344, Fax: 6441 4405

Email: (Central), (Chn) Website:


Jurong Christian Church

2 Tah Ching Road, Singapore 618744

Tel: 6265 2807(Chn) 6268 2253 (Eng) Fax: 6268 2243 (Eng) 6261 8632(Chn)

Email: Website: (Eng), (Chn)


(Redeemer) Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

30 Duke's Road, Singapore 268912
Tel: 6466 4500, 6466 4559, Fax: 6441 4405

Email: Website:



Queenstown Lutheran Church

709 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149601 Tel: 6473 7866, 6479 4720, Fax: 6475 1204



Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran)

10 Yishun Avenue 5, Singapore 768991 Tel: 6755 8855, Fax: 6754 2773

Email: Website:



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Джей договорился, что "КИМ История России 6 кл Второе полугодие" меня заберет кто-нибудь из Института Доннерджека.

Я продолжал тянуться сквозь карту.

А ориентироваться по звездам было ничуть не сложнее, чем по небесному маршруту раскаленного шара.

Великан упал к ногам Оливера, скрежеща зубами от боли и обиды.

Все, что он "альбом скачать eminem" понимал, так это то, что холод и пустота в этой дали рано или поздно оборвут его жизнь.